Non-Aligned Worlds At War: The Advisor’s Report Continues

Target: Ice world of Brandenberg

Scenario: Convoy Duty

Minbari Federation: 10 Corporate Freighters

League of Non-Aligned Worlds:

  • 2x Takata
  • 1x Brivoki
  • 12 independent Sky Serpent flights
  • 18x independent Falcosi flights

Initiative: Minbari Throughout
SCENE: The camera pans across a starfield lit by a beautiful purple nebula.   A convoy of 10 freighters moves through space, all alone in the night.  We hear nothing.   No one can hear you scream in space because there is no air.
Several jump points open simultaneously, disgorging a massive Brivoki, 2 Takatas and a swarm of Brakiri Falcosi and Drazi Sky Serpents.  The Brakiri fighters cover against any retreat.

On Turn 1, four of the freighters turn into the LoNAW fleet to see if they can do any damage before they die. The convoy shudders as it is hit by a wave of mines from the Takatas.   Wreckage begins to spin lazily across the battlefield revealing the Minbari convoy burning in the darkness.  Most are dead.  Three have survived the mines and the great beams from the Brivoki.  But only for a moment

On Turn 2, the few remaining freighters continue to advance on the LoNAW.  They are to slow and cannot close to weapons range when the LoNAW order “All Stop”.   The second wave of mines finishes the dirty work at hand.

The camera pulls back and we can see that the action is taking place on a conference room screen just off of the LoNAW Emperor’s audience chamber.  Only one being is present, the league Emperor.  He is alone.  He does not look happy.  His gaze isn’t directed at the action on the screen, which is playing the convoy scene again.  He is looking at his hands.  What does he see there?  Could it be the blood of millions?  Nay, Billions?

Thanks to Marc for the pics and battle report!


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