Non-Aligned Worlds At War: The League Advisor’s Report

Advisor: My Emperor, we have received an update on the fighting in the Ancona system against the Kha’Ri Narn.

Emperor: Proceed.

Advisor: It has become apparent that the Narn want control of the trade route.  A Var’Nic was dispatched to make sure we didn’t benefit from unfettered trade through the Ancona system.  The 2 small vessels we left behind to police the trade route were unable to survive against a larger warship.

Battle report from Ancona Trade Route

Target: Ancona Trade Route

Scenario: Space superiority

Kha’ri Narn: 1 Bin’Tak

League of Non-Aligned Worlds: 1 Xixx, 1 Xarr

The Battle for the Ancona Trade Route







Initiative: Narn Throughout

On Turn 1. the Var’Nic literally cut down the Xarr by 50% (failed Dodge roll).  A large chunk of hull was seen drifting away as the Vibrant continued on its course.   Additionally, a critical was scored against her fire control (all weapons require 4+ to fire) causing her few weapons to go silent.

ancona trade route turn 1







Turn 2 saw the Vree patrol group attempt to flee but to no avail.  The more powerful Narn ship destroyed the damaged Xarr.

ancona turn 2






Turn 3 quickly brought the end, with the Narn destroying the Xixx outright.

ancona trade route turn 3







Advisor: The Xixx’s captain did well to try to cover the injured Xarr’s retreat, but this patrol group was clearly overmatched.  It was over in just under 6 minutes.

Emperor: It is regrettable that the Narn killed the talented group of telepaths that volunteered to serve aboard the Vibrant (Xaar).  They could have helped the war effort better elsewhere.   How are the other diversionary raids going in the Ancona system?

Advisor: The forces at Savo, Honkasalo, and Joneberhart have all tactically withdrawn in the face of superior forces and a lack of suitable terrain.  The Narn are protecting their mining operations here more fiercely than anticipated.  All 3 mining outposts drew a Bin’Tak Dreadnought as a defender.  Their forces do appear a little thin as the barren world of Sax was left undefended.  A forward base is being set-up.  This lodgment will allow our forces to stay in system and really harass the Kha’Ri.

Emperor: Good, that means Casino cannot be attacked except by Vorlon interference for a while.  Joneberhart is the gas giant – did it also draw a DN?

Advisor: No, it only drew a G’Quan Cruiser, but the complete lack of useful cover convinced the patrol leader that it was wise to leave.

Emperor: Very well then, what happened at the remaining mining outpost?

Advisor: The Shuvalov mining outpost did draw out a DN.   The patrol group there was a penal group under orders not to retreat under any circumstances.

Battle Report from Shuvalov Mining Outpost

Target: the 10RR Shuvalov Mining Outpost

Scenario: Annihilation

Kha’ri Narn: 1 Bin’Tak

League of Non-Aligned Worlds: 1 Xixx, 1 Xorr

Initiative: Narn Throughout

On Turn 1 the LoNAW closed blast doors and ducked into the asteroid field with both ships.  Just because this diversionary attack drew a DN is no reason to commit suicide.  And believe me, if I could have retreated, I would have.  The Xorr got deep enough into the asteroids to avoid any damage.  The Xixx was not so lucky and lost 5 crew and 8 hull, all to a massive mine salvo.  There was no line of sight for any other weapons.

shuvalov turn 1







Turn 2 was uneventful as the Vree ships continued into the asteroids.  No weapons fire by either side.

shuvalov turn 2







Turn 3 saw the Bin’Tak turn towards where the Vree would emerge and loose another devastating mine salvo, crippling the hapless Xixx.
shuvalov turn 3







Turn 4 saw the end of the Vree squadron as all of the DNs guns were on line.   The Xorr went up with a huge beam shot that clearly vaporized the ship.   The crippled Xixx went next as the DNs ion cannons finished her off.   Mercifully, this was a short battle.

shuvalov turn 4







Emperor: I take it they were destroyed?

Advisor: Yes, they were.  A single transmission, directed to you, was sent just prior to the second ship exploding.

Emperor: And it said?

Advisor: “Remember your promise”

Emperor: Ah, the usurper and his followers, are there any survivors?

Advisor: No.  Neither ship was equipped with lifepods and the Bin’Tak didn’t even try to capture the vessels.

Emperor: Indeed I shall remember my promise.  Their sacrifice may well have saved lives elsewhere.  Go over the crew lists, issue posthumous pardons to all of them, release their frozen assets to their families, and compensate them at double the standard rate.  They knew this was a suicide mission and the only way to restore their families’ wealth and honor.  Have representatives from the families assembled to attend the service awards ceremony.  They are to be welcomed back into the fold.  Treat them as heroes and patriots.  Is there more?

Advisor: Yes.  The commerce world of Ancona…  I have some audio from the bridge of the Xixx that made the successful scan.  The log plays…

Battle Report from the Commerce World of Ancona

Target: The 6 RR commerce world of Ancona

Scenario: Recon Run

Kha’ri Narn: 1 G’Quan

League of Non-Aligned Worlds: 1 Xixx, 1 Xorr

Initiative: Narn Throughout

On turn 1 the Vree used all power to engines to get in close enough to attempt a scan.  The Narn attempted to “Come About” and failed.   This spared the Vree a massive salvo on turn 1 and set up a second attempt to scan on turn 2.  Turn 1’s scan was a failure.

On turn 2 the Narn finally got her nose around, but it was too late, the Vree had already made a successful scan, ending the scenario.

Captain: We’ve been sitting here at the edge of the asteroid field for over an hour now.  If the techs cannot hack the Narn’s computers or more than one ship shows up, we are in deep trouble… And the money we spent on spies wasted.

Electronic Warfare Specialist(EWS): We’ve detected an enemy vessel.  It’s a G’quan.  They don’t seem to have noticed us yet.   Captain, we need to be closer to “scan” them, 200,000 km minimum.

Captain: All Power to Engines!  Get us closer!  Bring up the torpedo fire control!  We should give them something other than “static” to think about.  Begin scanning.  I hope those spies were right about their computer weaknesses.

EWS: Damn they’ve bounced me out!

Weapons Officer: We’ve done minor damage to them.  They know we are here!

Captain: Run the scan again!

EWS: Got it!  I’m in there system, I have the codes, locking out there weapons, uploading our encryption…Done!  That’s it, Captain, all automated defenses on Ancona have been disabled.  There will be little interference with the landing forces now

Weapons Officer: The Narn ship will have to move away to get out of the scans range.  Until they do they will not be able to fire weapons.

EWS: Even then it might take an hour or more to clean the computer out.

Communication Technician: Incoming transmission from the Ancona government…  They’re surrendering!

Cheers go up from the bridge crew and the scene cuts back to the throne room.

Advisor: We do not have a final outcome on the attack against the Domon Spacedock, although we have been able to ascertain that surprise was complete.  And our superior numbers in the main attack on the Westrich Gate base will be telling.  They have the listening post, 5 ships and a squadron of fighters defending a supply convoy.  We have over 20 attack vessels.

To be continued…

Thanks to Marc for the pics and battle reports!


3 Responses to “Non-Aligned Worlds At War: The League Advisor’s Report”

  1. To whom it may concern: The campaign ended a year or so ago. The last 2 battles and assoc. pics were forwarded some time ago. The LoNAW won at Domon and at Perrine (another space dock – that was actually captured). The Ka Rhi Narn, Minbari, and Centauri (because of a technical glitch) surrendered at that point. This handed the win to the LoNAW.

  2. Sefert79 Says:

    I’m a new B5 A Call to Arms player from Brazil, and i had a great time reading those battle reports and all the stuff. Learned a lot… and now its over. I’ll miss it.

    Thanks guys!

  3. Heh awesome campaign, even if its 4 years gone. Hopefully soon I’ll be doing something like this with a mixed Sci-fi universe. Any chance I can get a PM from you with anything you remember on how you did the set up. Was it all ACTA or was there something you and your crew did for special set up? Love the board with the systems. I think I’ll adapt that once I get to alaska. Do you have any other new Campaigns going on?

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