Turn 7: The Minbari Stand Alone

The new year saw the beginning of a new turn in the A Call To Arms campaign, as the League made a concerted effort to wipe out the now isolated Minbari.

Having removed the Earth Alliance as a factor with a convenient peace treaty, the League of Non-Aligned Worlds unleashed four major battlefleets, hitting the Minbari at Volk’s Star and Rilus V, as well as sending re-enforcements to finish the Minbari fleet at Wuj. In the face of this massive wave, the Federation could only re-enforce their main fleet at Volk’s Star and their treaty starbase at Caesar’s Folly and pray to Valen for deliverance.

In the meantime, the Centauri, readying themselves to open hostilities with their major rivals the League, found their plans interrupted by a Tza’sol Narn raid on Defiance which pinned their system fleet and forced the Centauri battle fleet targeting Henders to return to fight the renegade Narn.

Still smarting from their turn 6 defeats, the Kha’ri Narn brought their heaviest ships into Ancona and awaited the inevitable League counterthrust into the system, which came in the form of another huge (4 points Armageddon huge) fleet.

And so, the stage is set for the final battles of the MinbariLeague conflict. Can the Minbari, alone,  hold off the hordes with their superior technology? Or will their presence in-sector be reduced to the single starbase in Caesar’s Folly…a base situated in the uneasy neutral space between the Earth Alliance and Centauri Republic


Turn 7 Battles:

Volk’s Star (D6): League vs Minbari

Rilus V (A6): League vs Minbari

Wuj (D8): League vs Minbari

Defiance (F8): Tza’sol Narn vs Centauri

Ancona (G7): League vs Kha’ri Narn


6 Responses to “Turn 7: The Minbari Stand Alone”

  1. Thanks for the post. Hopefully we will start seeing some battles soon.

  2. The League is consolidating Henders also, which has been contested for some time now. There are battles in that system as well. I await scheduling of battles from my esteemed opponents. With something on the order of 25 battles this turn, even though most of them involve just a few ships, this may be the longest turn yet.

  3. so, maybe the next turn will happen before the next presidential election?

  4. I thought it was the cheese stands alone?

  5. I wonder when we are going to see the Narn vs. LoNaW battle reports.

  6. marccienkowski Says:

    Rich could engage in a few more battles himself. That way he could write a few battle reports. By the way Henders has been consolidated. And I am down to 8 battles after this last Sunday. I do belive we will be seeing more stuff before the next election, much less “presidential election”.

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