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The Battle for Newport: Minbari vs League

Posted in Uncategorized on February 26, 2008 by redcoat668

The scene:  Imperial throne room, League of Non-Aligned Worlds: 

Prime minister:   “My Emperor, it is my solemn duty to inform you that the Minbari infidels have violated our most sacred time of reunion.  I present to you the personal log of Captain Bluescale of Sunhawk 23, on extended patrol in the Newport system.  He was recording a message to his granddaughter in his personal log, which recorded the attack…    

The log Plays…

“My granddaughter, we are orbiting  (Planet name) in the Newport system.   I am sorry that I cannot be with you on this rare holiday.   The duties of war are very demanding of an old Drazi like myself.  We can only hope we will be victorious, and that I may resume my retirement and return to you soon.   I hope to be there when you graduate from school…(voice of a deck officer breaks in.)  “Captain, jump points opening ahead and astern!”

Captain:  Evasive Maneuvers!  (Speaking aloud to himself) Who would dare?  Weapons officer, Identify them!

W.O.:  The signatures are… Definitely Minbari… Four ships: Tinashi, Leshath, Tigara, Sharlin…   By the Gods!  We have positive IDs on them.  That’s the squadron from Volk’s Star!  How did they get here…

Captain: (finishing the thought) “From so far away”…  To himself:  “We are clearly overmatched, but cannot let them have a system so close to home.   Com: Put me on speaker to the crew”… “The infidel has come to our very homes!  For the preservation of our nation and the lives of those we love, we cannot retreat.  We will hold them here as long as possible, and strike when we can!”

“Com: Speaker off, Launch log buoy”…

The visual changes to an exterior of the battle as recorded by the buoy… The battle is mercifully short.  The Sharlin fires a single neutron beam into the dodging Sunhawk with deadly precision, returning Sunhawk 23 to the dust from which she came.

Log playback ends.

Emperor:  Prime minister, go and prepare the people for an audience.   Tonight we embark upon a dark journey, one of Jihad!  We will exterminate every Minbari to the last man, woman, and Child.  Only our death as a people shall stop us! They of all the infidel races we had believed to be a civilized people, capable of respecting our religious beliefs.   It is proven not to be so.  To my people, I pledge our military will find them wherever they may hide and destroy them!  

And minister, dispatch the Home Fleet to Newport.  Draw as much support from the outlying systems as necessary.   What was ours shall be ours again. 

PM:  So it shall be done.

Emperor: (Lost in his own thoughts) “Why did they attack such a small world?  They could have chosen any number of more important targets.  And yet, they came here.   Certainly it is close to home world, but insignificant at that.  I wonder, could there be outside influence like the Vorlons?  They certainly have a hyperspace mastery that would explain the jump from Volk’s Star to Newport in a single jump.  They could new technology also.”

The Emperor summons a common assistant.   “Take a memo to the PM, the science minister and archeology minister.  They are to prepare an expedition to Newport, have them coordinate the operation through the PM.   He is to arrange military escort.  Schedule the mission for A.S.A.P. once Newport has been taken from the infidels.”

Thanks to Marc for the nifty fanfic writeup.