The Battle for Moshelle: Earth Alliance vs Raiders

Turn/Time: Turn 4/April 2261

Scenario: Annihilation

Terrain: Four ship graveyards, one in each quadrant of the board, and one dust cloud on the northern table edge.

Situation: After months of effort, Earthforce sector command obtains a rare intelligence coup: the location of the central base used by the Raiders infesting the quadrant. Immediately, Sector Command dispatches the newly-arrived TF Guderian to the area, hoping to destroy the Raider base before the pirates learn that their security has been compromised and move to a new location.

The battlefield...too beautiful to be stained with Raider blood.


Earth Alliance:

  • 2x Omega (EAS Guderian and Demosthenes)
  • 4x Hyperion (EAS Hector, Culloden, Creon, and Seleucid)
  • 4x Artemis (EAS Lycon, Troilus, Antigone, and Ismene)
  • 4x Starfury Wing 

TF Guderian on maneuvers   


  • 1x Endgame Dreadnought (Endgame)
  • 2x Battlewagon (Red Dwarf and Extinction)
  • 3x Strike Carrier (Revenge, Adventure Galley, and Quedah Merchant)
  • 2x Defense Satellite
  • 1x Raider Base

Earthforce intel pic of Raider forces at Moshelle

Turn 1: The drifting hulks and debris littering the area channeled TF Guderian’s potential approach vectors to a left, right, and middle path. The Earthforce CinC chose the middle approach, hoping to force the Battlewagons and Endgame to either meet him in the channel away from the base and its sattelites  or stand by and watch them be sliced into shrapnel by EAS Guderian’s and EAS Demosthenes’s heavy lasers. Initially, the Raiders held their capital ships back while moving their strike carriers to flank – Revenge and Adventure Galley to the left, and Quedah Merchant to the right. Unfortunately, Quedah Merchant strayed into range of Demosthenes before reaching the safety of the debris field,and the Omega promptly sliced the unfortunate Strike Carrier in half with a single shot of her boresight heavy laser.

TF Guderian chooses the middle route

Turn 2: The Earthforce commander dispatched the Artemises to intercept and destroy the two remaining flankers while the rest of the fleet continued to advance on the base, the Starfuries streaking ahead of the capital ships hunting Raider Deltas. The Raiders began to move their big guns forward, realizing that the Omegas would be within firing range of the base within a turn. Guderian lined up on one of the defense satellites and let fly; her salvo destroyed the satellite and the resulting fireball vaporized the other, though it failed to even scratch the nearby Endgame’s hull. EAS Lycon, flagship of the Artemis squadron, hit Adventure Galley with a railgun shot, damaging her engines. The Raiders did, however, manage to score a hit on EAS Hector, scrambling the Hyperion’s fire control. Both Earthforce and the Pirates continued to scramble fighters.

Kicking a hornet's nest...

Turn 3: The vanguard of Starfuries hit the first wave of Raider fighters and a massive dogfight erupted around the advancing Earth fleet. The untrained pirates were no match for Earthforce professionals and equipment, and the Starfuries slaughtered almost every Delta-V they encountered. The Artemis squadron ripped into the Strike Carriers, leaving Adventure Galley a burning hulk (crippling shot to Troilus, kill to Antigone). Meanwhile, the heavy battlelines of Earth and the Raiders exchanged fire. The Raider base’s defensive emplacements caused damage, but nothing critical. Red Dwarf crippled EAS Culloden, but lost her engines to a salvo from EAS Creon. Revenge, the last remaining Strike Carrier, filled the area around her with pulse laser fire, destroying many Starfuries before they could escape. In the midst of all the chaos, Guderian and Demosthenes had worked out their firing solutions for the Raider base and opened fire with their heavy lasers. While they failed to cause critical damage with their opening salvo, it was now only a matter of time.

Close action!

Turn 4: At this point, the beleaguered Starfuries were met with a fresh wave of enemy fighters, this time the more fearsome Delta V-2s. Already exhausted from dealing with the previous wave, the Earthforce pilots were unable to recover quickly enough and died in droves (I rolled a lot, I say a LOT, of 1s). Hector lined her boresight up on Revenge and crippled her with a single shot, leaving the Strike Carrier vulnerable to a finishing shot from EAS Ismene, which destroyed her. Drifting helplessly without her engines, Red Dwarf proved easy prey for Demosthenes, which burned her out with her front arc weapons while joining Guderian in focusing her boresight firepower on the base. Guderian’s shot actually managed a critical strike, reducing the base’s firepower. Nevertheless, the base was able to burn out the crippled EAS Culloden, which became the first Earthforce ship lost in the battle. She was soon followed by EAS Hector, which was reduced to a drifting wreck by Endgame. The Raider dreadnought soon had her own problems, as a lucky hit by EAS Seleucid ruptured her reactor fuel lines.

Sir, about those fighters...

Turn 5: The battle for fighter superiority remained the one bright spot for the Raiders as they hunted down and destroyed the last remaining Starfuries before turning their attention to the Earthforce capital ships. Both their efforts and those of the base’s defense batteries caused considerable damage to the smaller Earth ships, who were now concentrating their fire on Endgame and Extinction. It was Guderian, however, that delivered the final blow to Extinction, her main batteries blowing the Battlewagon into scrap. The Artemis squadron made an attack run on Endgame’s  flank, ripping into her with their railguns but losing Lycon to her return fire.

The Raiders' power is broken...

Turn 6: Endgamewas now the only thing standing between Earthforce and the base, and the Earth fleet concentrated their fire on her in a display of calculated savagery. Guderian’s lasers broke her back and killed most of her crew, and Demosthenes finished her. With Endgame a spinning, drifting wreck, the Earthforce commander offered the pirates a chance to surrender, or suffer her fate.

Turn 7: Having dealt with the Raider fleet, the Earth forces needed only to pull their ships out of range of the base’s defences and pound it into dust. The Artemis squadron streaked back towards Guderian and Demosthenes while the remaining Hyperions broke left with Delta v-2s in hot pursuit. A final shot from the base killed Creon’s crew before the Raider chieftain acceded to Earthforce’s surrender demand. The remaining Raiders were taken off the base before it was destroyed. TF Guderian remained in the area for the next several days searching for survivors and seeding the area with mines so it could not be used as a staging ground for Raider attacks in the future.

Analysis: After consistently getting my butt handed to me by the Centauri, this battle was a needed breath of fresh air. Sure it was only Raiders, but at least my tactics were sound and my dice rolls were mostly good (except for all those Starfuries). Major lessons learned:

  1. Artemises work better as hunter-killers than escorts.
  2. Take one Omega over two Novas
  3. Even when you have crappy Delta Vs, winning the fighter superiority battle can still allow you to cause significant damage.
  4. Hyperions are the firemen of the Third Age fleet.     




3 Responses to “The Battle for Moshelle: Earth Alliance vs Raiders”

  1. Very nice up dates, good battles all.

  2. As Argent and his few surviving pilots boarded a freighter a few weeks later, fully intent on taking her right out from under Babylon 5 flight control”s nose, he noted that he’d be back to his crusade against Clark. Soon… Very Soon…

  3. Well written battle report. Thanks to both of you for such a great game. We got to get more “Easter Eggs” from Marc.

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