The Battle for Casino: League vs Narn

Turn/Time: Turn 4/April 2261

Scenario: Annihilation

Terrain: One dead world in the center of the board.

Situation: The Great League Offensive reaches the Narn mining outpost at Casino as a League fleet jumps into the system to seize its precious resources.


League of Non-Aligned Worlds:

  • 1x Takata
  • 1x Vaarl
  • 1x Ilkorta

Narn Regime:

  • 1x G’Quonth
  • 1x Shokar

The initial setup.

Turn 1: Mines kill the one frazi flight, but otherwise only minor damage is inflicted to both fleets.

Turn 1

Turn 2: More minor damage is inflicted to both fleets

Turn 3: The League, in an attempt to gain initiative, breaks the single squadron.  The G’quonth promptly cripples and skeleton crews the Ikorta.

Turn 3 

Turn 4: The G’Quonth finishes off the doomed Ikorta.  Damage continues to mount on the G’Quonth while the Sho’kar orbits the map like a second hand on a watch.  The purpose of this maneuver is to stay alive and act as an initiative sink.

Turn 4

Turn 5: More damage to both fleets, none of it telling, yet.  The G’quonth attempts to come about and fails.

Turn 5

Turn 6: The G’quonth kills the Varl.   Now the damage is beginning to show as the Takata cripples the g’Quonth.

Turn 7: Smelling blood the League sieze the initiative and then blow out on the dice, earning the G’quonth a brief reprieve.

Turn 8: The Takata, taking a huge chance, turns its back on the crippled G’quonth and fires with its weaker rear guns.  The G’quonth finally dies and goes adrift.  The reason for this change in tactic was because it had become obvious that the Sho’kar was trying to escape.  With her main guns and mines facing the little shokar, the Takata fires a full salvo.  The electronic techs break her stealth and light damage is added to the Sho’kar, nearly crippling her.  The mine crews did extremely well here and finished the little ship off before it could escape.

Turn 8

Analysis: Another close run battle.  Dice were really telling here because the Narn missed on 30+ consecutive die rolls over two turns.   Had any significant portion of these rolls struck, things would be different.  Also while using an initiative sink, don’t fail to fire your guns in anger.  The orbiting shokar was never in range to use its guns, meaning it was never a valid threat, or of much assistance to the Narn effort in this case.

Thanks to Marc for the pics and battle report!


2 Responses to “The Battle for Casino: League vs Narn”

  1. Thanks Rob for the latest Post.

  2. Good to get a victory here. Final score for the League this turn was 3 wins and 4 losses. Economically, I did very well, including the capture of the entire Tiven system. This adds nearly 200RR to my coffers. Additionally, because I was fighting on explored or other people’s turf, I lost no strategic targets myself.
    This next turn will be a bore. I essentially lose a turn to a religious holiday called Day of the Dead. Maybe someone will attack and I’ll get to do something!

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