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The Battle for Wuj: League vs Minbari

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Turn/Time: Turn 4/April 2261

Scenario: Space Superiority

Terrain: One jump gate.

Situation: As part of the Great League Offensive, a Brakiri strike force enters the Wuj system to lay claim to its resources. Fortunately, a Minbari battleship squadron is on maneuvers in-system and it quickly turns to meet the invaders as they exit the jumpgate.


League of Non-Aligned Worlds:

  • 1x Takata (BSS Arbiter)
  • 1x Shakara (BSS Eyes of the Prophet)
  • 3x Khaliva (BSS Will, Sword, and Hand of the Prophet)
  • 1x Ikorta
  • 2x Patrol Boat
  • 3x Sky Serpent Flight
  • 4x Star Snake Flight

 League setup

Minbari Federation:

  • 4x Sharlin (Trinash, Feshat, Mooshel, and Lisat)

 Minbari setup

Turn 1: Momentarily without power due to the transition from hyperspace, the League forces desperately tried to warm up their engines and bring their weapons back on line as the Minbari defenders closed in.

Turn 1

Turn 2:The Sharlins moved into long beam range of the League fleet. A Star Snake flight was the first to die as their beams and mini-beams found their targets. The Minbari warships launched their deadly Nial fighters.

Turn 2

Turn 3: Dashing out ahead of the Minbari battleline, the Nial pilots came to grips with their league opponents. in savage dogfighting between the closing fleets, The Minbari fighters destroyed five flights of League craft at a cost of only one flight of Nials. The Brakiri ships, having brought their weapons online and in range, delivered a deadly volley against the Sharlins. Mooshel’s crew was destroyed by a single grav-lance strike from Sword of the Prophet (Three awful 5-6 crew crits in a row),  and the drifting hulk was broken up by Arbiter’s mines. Already, the Minbari had lost a battleship, though they did manage to damage Sword’s engines and Arbiter’s targeting computer in return.

Turn 3

Turn 4: As the massive capital ships traded blows, the League and Minbari fighters continued their dance of death. The Nials swept the less-maneuverable Sky Serpents (3 flights) and Star Snakes (2 flights) from the Sky. One especially valiant Drazi squadron leader, however, manage to position his Star Snakes directly in position to bombard a Nial flight with his anti-ship weapons, taking them completely by surprise and destroying them. Lisat trained her main weapons on one of the tiny league patrol boats, ripping it in half and sending fragments flying into three Nial flights, scattering them. As the battle raged, Sword and Arbiter’s damage control crews finished their repairs.

Turn 4

Turn 5: With the Minbari having achieved decisive fighter superiority, the capital ships closed for the final slugging match. Feshat ripped into Arbiter, reducing her to a skeleton crew. The Khalivas unleashed devastating three-ship grav-lance strikes on their Minbari foes, but failed to cause any crippling damage.

Turn 5

Turn 6: Repeated strafing runs by the Nials killed off the last remaining Brakiri crewman on Sword of the Prophet, leaving her a drifting tomb. Their formation disrupted, Will of the Prophet and Hand of the Prophet desperately tried to come about to bring their main weapons to bear again. Feshat caught Arbiter with another devastating beam shot, killing the remainder of her crew and leaving her a burning hulk. Both the Ikorta and the remaining Patrol Boat managed to down or scatter one flight of Nials each, this was cold comfort in a battle whose tide was beginning to turn against the League.

Turn 6

Turn 7: The victorious Feshatnext turned her attention to the Khalivas. Her main guns crashed into Will of the Prophet, killing most of her Brakiri crew. The League ships continued to hammer the Sharlins, causing major damage but failing to cause decisive casualties. 

Turn 7

Turn 8: As the Ikorta strove to come about, a Nial strafing run reduced her to a struggling skeleton crew. Feshat blew the second League patrol boat apart, and bisected Will of the Prophet into two drifting halves with a beam shot. The League’s grav-lance fire did finally take major effect, crippling Lisatand effectively reducing the Minbari squadron to two badly damaged Sharlins. 

Turn 8

Turn 9: Now the only surviving fully-functional ship of the League task force, Will of the Prophet desperately strove to cut her way through the Minbari pack and escape. Her grav-lance fire proved too much for the already badly-damaged Trinash, causing her to buckle in on herself as the crew scrambled desperately for the life pods.

Turn 9

Turn 10: A final Nial run left the already crippled Ikorta a drifting wreck. Will of the Prophet fired a final salvo into Feshat, crippling her, and then made a run for clear space to open a jump point.

Turn 10

Analysis: Both sides got to show off some superior weaponry in this battle. The League made excellent use of multiple grav-weapon salvos to rapidly cut down the relatively high-damage Sharlins while the Minbari were easily able to win fighter support with their Nials and use them to support their already hard-hitting capital ships.