From the Files of TG Pegasus

From: Captain Takeda Ichiro, ADC to the Admiral

To: All EarthForce personnel in-sector.

It has come to the Naval Staff’s attention that several members of the EarthForce Stellar Cartography section assigned to this sector have mistakenly rearranged the names of several star systems where recent battles have occurred. The errors have been corrected, and the offending personnel disciplined.

President Clark has wisely mandated that all EarthForce Personnel officers recieve 200 hours of training at the Stephen King Memorial School of Employee Relations to inculcate a culture of respect and sympathy when disciplining soldiers in a noncombatant role. The cartographers in this case were reassigned to important and fulfilling posts at the EarthForce bioweapons research laboratories on Theta.


One Response to “From the Files of TG Pegasus”

  1. That was pretty cool. 🙂

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