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The Battle for Sparta Hill, or, “Madness? This is Sparta Hill!”: Narn vs Centauri

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 Turn/Time: Turn 4/April, 2261

Scenario: Special

Terrain: 1 Jump Gate and the Centauri Colony Space Station Field of Martius

Situation:  A large Narn armada sets forth from several worlds in this part of the Galactic Arm.  Their destination: the Centauri Empire recently colonization worlds in the Sparta Hill Star System.  If this invasion is successful then the way lays open to strike at all the Centauri Worlds.  All that stands in their path of destruction are a single Colony class Space Station and several smaller provisional fleets reforming under the flag of Task Forces Cato.


Centauri Republic:

Flotilla Primus Gladius:

  • 1x Octurion (HMS Arrogance)
  • 2x Sulust (HMS Achillas and Mammon)

Flotilla Secundus Gladius

  • 2x Tertius (HMS Syracuse and Petraus)
  • 1x Centurion (HMS Pontifex)

Flotilla Tertius Gladius

  • 1x Magnus (HMS Dis)
  • 1x Darkner (HMS Sulla)
  • 1x Dargan (HMS Optimus Maximus)

 Flotilla Areani:

  • 4x Corvan (HMS Molke, Morkanium, Auletes, and Arverni)

Centauri Fleet

Tza’sol Narn:

  • 8x Bin’Tak (RWS Ak’ryl,  Ak’ton, Ch’lak, Ch’val, Ta’oon, Ta’nal, Sh’oor, and Sh’rol )
  • 1x Ka’Bin’Tak (RWS K’ivran)

Narn Fleet 

Turn 1:   The Narn admiral clearly expecting heavy resistance, grouped all his Bin’Taks and 1 of 2 available Ka’Bin’Taks into the main strike force.  From this, 2 Bin’Taks, the Ak’ryl and Ak’ton and the Ka’Bin’Tak K’ivran, along with their respective fighters, were the first to emerge from the Jump Gate into the Sparta Hill System.  The Space Station CAP responded immediately, downing 3 Frazi Flights for the loss of only 1 of their own Sentri Flights.  Task Force Cato arrived right after the ships passed through the Jump Gate and began to unleash a torrent of energy into their engines with the hope of crippling them in the minefield that protected the Station.  1 Bin’Tak was crippled under this relentless fire while the other Bin’Tak and Ka’Bin’Tak both suffered massive engine damage.  (No, we were not happy with those crits either. -Scott)

Turn 1

Turn 2:  Outwitting several of the Expeditionary Scout ships at his opponent’s disposal, the Narn Admiral, quick on his feet, ordered his fleet to open fire with all weapons even though he was now trapped, for the moment, between the closing fleet and the station.

Turn 2

Knowing this and undeterred he brought Ch’lak, another Bin’Tak through the Gate, knowing that he would not be able to use its weapons while the ship transitioned back to normal space.  Intense fire from the Ka’Bin’Tak tore into the station which responded in kind returning fire which heavily damaged the engines and eventually destroyed the crippled Bin’Tak while the rest of the fleet continued to hammer into the damaged Ka’Bin’Tak and newly arrived Bin’Tak, whose engines were also destroyed from the incoming fire.

Turn 3:  No additional reinforcements arrived for the Narn Admiral through the gate this time.  (There wasn’t even really a spot to get one out, the gate was so crowded -Scott) However, the Centauri Admiral did not have time to ponder why as the frantic calls for help flooded his CIC from the station.  Narn ships continued to pound the station unmercifully, shredding its superstructure to the bone.  Redoubling their efforts the Flotilla Primus Gladius was able to finally cripple then destroy the Ka’Bin’Tak and while the combined firepower of Flotilla Secundus Gladius destroyed one of the two remaining Bin’Taks.  Flotilla Tertius Gladius managed to cripple the last Bin’Tak by the Jump Gate.

Turn 3

Turn 4: Sensors began screaming throughout the fleet as 3 more Bin’Taks emerged through a jump point opened behind the Space Station.  (Yes, here the brilliance of AVOID THE GUNS comes in.  The ships were the Ch’val, Ta’oon, and Sh’oor. – Scott)

The entire Centauri fleet leapt forward to engage this new threat.  The last Bin’Tak with its’ dying breath succeeded in partially crippling the station before falling to batteries of Flotilla Primus Gladius as they passed by.

Turn 4

Turn 5Sh’rol, another Bin’Tak arrives through the same jump point while the others turn and bring their weapons on the stricken station.  The Centauri fighters continue to close but are swept from the battlefield with a single well placed energy mine shot.  This single attack dealt the most damage that the Centauri fleet has experienced in the battle so far.

This loss would not be their last as all 3 Bin’Taks opened fire on the station.  It was a well timed barrage of Ion Torpedoes from one Bin’Tak that dealt the final blow, vaporizing the station and taking out the minefield surrounding it.

Turn 5

Turn 6: A fifth Bin’Tak, the Ta’nal joins the others and with its arrival the jump point closes.  Massed Frazi fire took out the last of the station’s Sentri flights though it managed to dodge a good portion of it.  The Centauri Fleet has closed to Battle Laser range at this point in time.  Mega-joules of energy passed out through the darkness of space and both sides felt the lash.  A Bin’Tak with one pass of its heavy laser cannon snuffed out the Sulla, a Centauri Dargan class Strike Cruiser while the combined Centauri fleet ripped through a single Bin’Tak in retaliation. It was this point in the battle that the Narn admiral looked at the butcher’s bill and given its high cost made the jump back into hyperspace.  (I might have been able to stick around and get in another good shot or two, but those darn Centauri were rolling hot. – Scott)  The Centauri fleet braced for the inevitable fight ahead, could only look on and praise their gods for their good fortune.  However they knew that this new front in the war was far from over.

Turn 6

Aftermath:  The sheer amount of firepower a single Bin’Tak and Ka’Bin’Tak can put out is staggering.  In one round a single ship did over 60 points of damage to the hull of the station and later in the fight a single sustained shot from the main bore-sight gun vaporized a fully healthy ship.

Aftermath  Part 2 (Narn perspective):  Jumping into a system and having your ships sit there for a turn unable to do anything as an enemy fleet pours just about everything it’s got into you is a bit nerve-wracking.  Bringing in the biggest brutes the Narn fleet can offer to absorb all that punishment was the best thing I could come up with, and the fact that I did manage to pour in over 700 points of damage into a station proves that those battleships are not something you want to have barreling down your throat.  Had the Centauri not been behind half my fleet when they came out of the gate, I have a feeling that the battle would have been a-lot rougher on their side.  Again, a proper energy mine shot proves to be very effective at clearing enemy fighters from space, and the battle was definitely fun to play out.

Thanks to Rich and Scott for the pics and battle report!


From the Files of TG Pegasus

Posted in ACTA Campaign on October 10, 2007 by redcoat668

From: Captain Takeda Ichiro, ADC to the Admiral

To: All EarthForce personnel in-sector.

It has come to the Naval Staff’s attention that several members of the EarthForce Stellar Cartography section assigned to this sector have mistakenly rearranged the names of several star systems where recent battles have occurred. The errors have been corrected, and the offending personnel disciplined.

President Clark has wisely mandated that all EarthForce Personnel officers recieve 200 hours of training at the Stephen King Memorial School of Employee Relations to inculcate a culture of respect and sympathy when disciplining soldiers in a noncombatant role. The cartographers in this case were reassigned to important and fulfilling posts at the EarthForce bioweapons research laboratories on Theta.