The Battle for Volk’s Star: League vs Minbari

Turn/Time: Turn 4/February, 2261

Scenario: Space Superiority

Terrain: One minor planet in the center of the table, surrounded by a dust ring.

Situation: The League fleet tasked with capturing Volk’s Star jumps in to discover not a defensive minefield, as expected, but a large ring of stellar dust surrounding the planet and obscuring sensor sweeps. Within the dust, the Minbari defenders prepare to counterattack.

League of Non-Aligned Worlds:

  • 1x Takata
  • 1x Ikorta
  • 1x Varl

League Fleet

Minbari Federation:

  • 1x Shar’lin
  • 1x Tigaara
  • 1x Tinashi
  • 1x Leshath

Minbari Fleet (as taken from the Ikorta's sensor records)

Setup: Both sides set up along the diagonal edges of their deployment zone, on either side of the dust ring.


Turn 1: Both sides manuevered for position under cover of the swirling dust. The Takata fired off some e-mines in hopes of catching a Minbari ship in their area of effect, but inflicted minimal damage. 

Turn 1

Turn 2: An enterprising Minbari gunnery officer aboard the Sharlin managed to cut through the electronic “noise” from the dust cloud and gain a positive lock on the Takata. The Minbari flagship’s beam weapon tore into the luckless Brakiri ship, knocking her weapons offline, severely damaging her engines, and killing many of her crew (Gary rolled 8 crits on that shot). The League ships directed their fire at the smaller Tinashi, but again failed to do any kind of serious damage. Meanwhile, the Leshath began to launch Flyers into the dust.

Turn 2

Turn 3: Still blinded by the dust and unable to gain reliable sensor data on their opponents , the panicked League fleet began to scatter with the Minbari in hot pursuit. The Sharlin led them, firing volley after volley into the retreating League ships and causing tremendous damage. The Tinashi struck the killing blow on the limping Takata, crippling her and killing the last of her crew, leaving her a drifting tomb in space. The Leshath finished off the fleeing Varl, its volley smashing into the Vree ship and sending it spinning lifelessly into the dust. The last remaining League ship, the Ikorta, was crippled by Flyers from the Leshath as she tried to lose her pursuers in the dust ring. 

T4 Pyra Turn 3

Turn 4: The crippled Ikorta did her best to escape, but to no avail. The Tinashi locked onto her and blew her apart with a single salvo.

Analysis: The dust ring was a major factor in this battle, screening both sides from their enemies in the early turns of the battle and preventing effective weapons fire until the last two turns.     



2 Responses to “The Battle for Volk’s Star: League vs Minbari”

  1. Even though I was clearly overmatched in this small battle, I had hoped to create some casualties. This was the first battle with the new mines. It went horribly wrong immediately. It started with bad intel and then the critical hit demon shut down the Takata’s guns. And then the engines went too, and that was all she wrote. It just wasn’t possible to get away.

  2. This battle is really for Volk’s Star and the prior battle report, labeled Volk’s Star, is for Pyra. Sorry I didn’t catch the reversal when you posted the first one

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