The Battle for Kellogg: League vs Narn

Turn/Time: Turn 4/February, 2261

Scenario: A Call to Arms

Terrain: None

Situation: A small League battlegroup enters the Narn-controlled Kellogg system as a probing attack for the Great League Offensive. Fortunately, a G’Quan class cruiser is present in the system and it quickly rallies local fleet elements to face the League raiders.


League of Non-Aligned Worlds:

  • 1x Ikorta
  • 1x Varl
  • 1x Takata

Narn Regime:

  • 1x G’Quonth
  • 1x Sho’kar

Setup: The fleets deployed along opposite long table edges.

The Setup

Turn 1:The League moved forward on All Power to Engines, hoping to bring maximum firepower to bear on the sturdily-built Narn ships as quickly as possible. The Narn were quicker, however, and the G’qonth laid down a spread of e-mines before the advancing League ships before firing its main lasers at the Ikorta. The League returned fire and was able to damage the Sho’kar, but the G’quonth’s heavy armor-plated hull simply shrugged off the blasts. Amid the hail of enemy fire, the Narn launched their Frazi fighters.

Turn 1

Turn 2: Heavily damaged by the first exchange of fire, the Sho’kar veered left of the Narn advance with the Varl in close pursuit. As the Vree captain bore down on the fleeing Narn scout, he failed to notice the flight of Frazis closing in on him from behind. The Narn fighters ripped into his ship, crippling it and killing most of her crew in a single attack run. In the meantime, the remainder of the League fleet concentrated its fire on the lumbering G’quonth. A salvo from the Ikorta damaged the Narn cruiser’s targeting computers, but her gunnery chief compensated by instinct and sent a carefully aimed main laser shot straight through the Ikorta’s bridge, killing the Brakiri command crew instantly and tearing the ship in half. The G’quonth’s secondary guns tore away at the Takata, which responded with a salvo of e-mines. Meanwhile, the Sho’kar continued to head for the periphery of the battle, its stealth defeating all attempts to lock on.

Turn 2

Turn 3: The Narn captain, following the primal instincts of his kind to come to grips with the enemy, brought his ship nose to nose with the advancing Takata and both ships prepared for a close-range exchange of fire. The Frazi flight made a second attack run on the crippled Varl, hammering the crippled Vree until only a burning hulk remained. The two capital ships tore into each other, but neither scored any decisive hits. The Takata did, however, succed in scattering the Frazi flight with pulse laser fire as it passed over the lifeless Varl. As the battle raged outside their ship, the G’quonth’s engineers succeeded in repairing the damaged targeting systems.

Turn 3

Turn 4: The G’quonth and Takata hurtled past each other at close visual range, barely avoiding a collision. The Narn captain desperately tried to bring his ship about in order to get its front and side weapons to bear, but the inexperienced crew failed to react quickly enough. The Takata, being equipped with rear-arc weapons, was able to fire unopposed, but only scored minor damage.

 Turn 4

Turns 5, 6, and 7: The Takata ran for the table edge and safety, while the Narn tried to bring their lumbering ship about to pursue. The Narn crew continued to demonstrate poor shiphandling skills (in fact they failed their Come About CQ check three turns in a row), and so neither side was able to bring weapons to bear. The Takata did, however, close to e-mine range with the Sho’kar, which until then had stayed out of the battle entirely. A single salvo finished off the Narn scout, leaving it adrift in space.

The circle begins...

...and ends

Turns 8 and 9: The G’qonth finally managed to bring ion torpedoes to bear on the fleeing Takata and sent a well-aimed shot into the League ship’s engines, shutting them down. The Brakiri worked feverishly to repair them as the Narn closed in.

Turn 9

Turn 10: The Narn sent a full salvo into the helpless Takata, causing major damage and killing many of her crew. Nevertheless, the Brakiri did manage to repair their engines just in time, and the Takata jumped away into the safety of hyperspace as the Narn captain watched, trembling with rage. 

Turn 10

Analysis: This scenario amply demonstrated the ups and downs of Narn ships…they can take incredible amounts of damage, but maneuver like bricks. If the G’quonth had made a few more of its Come About checks, the battle would have ended in a decisive Narn victory on Turn 6. As it was, the 10-turn limit ran out, and the Takata survived to fight another day.    



One Response to “The Battle for Kellogg: League vs Narn”

  1. This battle was for Kellogg, not Casino. Small battles can be very dicey. What is even, or close, one moment can become a disaster the next.
    Critical hits have been very important in my 4 small battles. Literally, they have been the deciding factor. In this example I would have gotten in a few more mine shots had my engines been functional.

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