The Second Battle for Saguntum III: Centauri vs Earth Alliance

Turn/Time: Turn 4/February 2261

Scenario: Space Superiority

Terrain: One asteroid field at center table.

Situation: A re-enforced Centauri task force enters Saguntum III hoping to drive the Earth Alliance’s similarly re-enforcedTask Group Acheron out of the system. Admiral Carriere, detecting the presence of the incoming fleet, positions TG Acheron to meet the enemy in open space away from the populated Agricultural world.


Centauri Republic

  • 1x Octurion (HMS Shiva)
  • 3x Sulust (HMS Tullianum, Titus, and Merula)
  • 2x Magnus (HMS Lupae and Tabellarii)
  • 1x Tertius (HMS Cincinnatus)
  • 2x Elutarian (HMS Brindisi and Tiberius
  • 1x Balvarin (HMS Tibirim)
  • 1x Balvarix (HMS Tisiphone)
  • 2x Corvan (HMS Fulgur and Eirene)
  • 3x Razik Wing

Centauri Fleet

Earth Alliance:

  • 1x Omega (EAS Acheron)
  • 2x Oracle (EAS Pythia and Delphi)
  • 1x Nova (EAS Temujin)
  • 5x Hyperion (EAS Aeneas, Clio, Euterpe, Badajoz, and Fontenoy)
  • 4x Artemis (EAS Chimaera, Artemis, Manticore, and Scylla)
  • 1x Olympus (EAS Beaujeu)
  • 2x Starfury Wing
  • 2x Thunderbolt Wing

EA Fleet

Setup: The two fleets set up in opposing diagonal corners, with the Centauri on the left and the Earth Alliance on the right.


Turn 1: The opposing fleets maneuvered towards each other, slowly beginning to circle with the asteroid field as their axis of maneuver. The Earth ships did their best to boresight their main lasers on the oncoming Centauri ships, but were outmaneuvered and outranged by their opponents, whose massed battle laser and missile fire destroyed EAS Clio within seconds of contact being made.

Turn 1

Turn 2: Calling on all his tactical skill, Admiral Carriere swung his ships into position and brought their boresight heavy lasers to bear on the Centauri fleet, which was momentarily caught off-guard. Sadly, Carriere’s tactical coup bore small fruit as the laser fire skittered off the armored hulls of Shiva and Cincinnatus. The weaker hulls of the Earth ships, conversely, buckled like tinfoil under the Centauris’  return fire. Temujin and Acheron both took severe damage while Euterpe and Scylla disappeared in the same massive fireball. Meanwhile, Centauri Raziks easily mopped up the disorganized and demoralized Starfuries.

Turn 2

Turn 3: Realizing that further combat would mean the total destruction of TF Acheron, Admiral Carriere gave the order to break contact with the enemy and scatter. Immediately, the Earth ships began to run for deep space as the Centauri broke formation to hunt them down. EAS Beaujeu, the last of Temujin’s escorts, took a hit to her engines that rendered her dead in space in front of the oncoming Centauri warships while Temujin herself made for the board edge and safety. The surving Artemises formed a line in front of the heavily damaged Acheron in order to cover her retreat into hyperspace. EAS Badajoz, the last survivor of her squadron and hopelessly cut off both from the main body of the EA fleet and any hope of escape, fought a heroic but doomed battle against the Centauri Magnuses.

Turn 3

Turn 4: The battle entered its most desperate phase as TG Acheron fought to survive and escape. Though struck by salvo after salvo of Centauri fire, Acheron successfully opened a jump point and escaped as her escorting Artemises broke through the Centauri line. The inexperienced squadron commander of the Centauri Flotilla Secundus Gladius ordered the crippled Beaujeu to surrender, but was met with fierce defiance by her captain. Enraged, he concentrated all his squadron’s firepower on her, destroying the valiant Olympus and leaving no survivors, which allowed the badly damaged Temujin to limp off-board. Meanwhile, Badajoz sold her life dearly, knowing that every volley directed at her gave Acheron and Temujin that much more of a chance to escape. Eventually, the Hyperion was overwhelmed and destroyed, but the commander of Flotilla Primus Pilum accorded the survivors of her crew the full honors of war.

Turn 4

Turn 5: With Acheron and Temujin safely away the Centauri admiral, impressed by the bravery and discipline of Earthforce, stood his fleet down and allowed Artemis, Chimaera, and Manticore to retreat from the area without further opposition.

Turn 5

Analysis: This was a tough battle…tough to play and tough to write about. Again, my dice failed me at every turn while my opponent’s did not (I knew it was time to leave when he scored 24 damage and six crits from a beam shot). Centauri beam lasers are tough…especially in the open.          


2 Responses to “The Second Battle for Saguntum III: Centauri vs Earth Alliance”

  1. Well writtten. Thanks for the updates Rob.

  2. Well writen my friend WOW that sucked time to get new dice I think 🙂

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