The Battle for Fager: Centauri vs Narn

Turn/Time: Turn 4/February, 2261

Scenario: Ambush

Terrain: 2 Asteroid Fields.  Entire area affected by electromagnetic distortion from Fager Prime.

Situation:  A sudden raid by an unknown force draws a single G’Quonth back to Fager Secundus and away from the Narn fleet.  However, the Narn hoping to catch the Centauri at Fager unaware suddenly go from being the hunter to the hunted as the Centauri Task Force there springs a well timed ambush.


Centauri Republic:

  • 1x Tertius
  • 2x Sulust
  • 1x Magnus
  • 2x Darkner
  • 1x Corvan

Centauri Fleet

Narn Regime:

  • 2x DarkHawk
  • 2x Sho’kar
  • 2x G’sten
  • 2x Ka’toc
  • 2x G’qonth

Narn Fleet

Setup: The Narn deployed within the cover of the asteroids, while the Centauri approached in two wings from the left and right of their table edge.

Initial Deployment 

Turn 0:   While the Narn Fleet stopped and hoped that the interference on their sensors cleared so they could fine the Centauri Fleet, Centauri in-turn sprung an ambush of their own.  With in moments Flotilla Primus Gladius had accounts to 1 Ka’Toc destroyed and adrift and 1 G’Sten that blew up damaging all but the 2 G’Quonths and the other Ka’Toc on the side.  However that Ka’Toc suffered the same fate as Flotilla Secundus Gladius swept in from the opposite side and let loose on it.

Fager turn 0

Turn 1:   The Narn Admiral, thanks to his 2 scouts, was quick on his feet, and ordered his fleet to move at best speed while the Centauri fleet continued to slice through the darkness of space towards their foe.  However the fleet was not fast enough as Flotilla Primus Gladius claimed another ship by destroying a Sho’Kar which in turn set a drift a DarkHawk that was damaged from the earlier explosion of  the G’Sten.

Fager turn 1

Turn 2:   The Narn continue to get the jump on their Centauri foe as all ships begin the process of coming around to face to face Flotilla Primus Gladius.  Even as they turned to face their foe it became apparent that it was too late as additional fire tore into and destroyed the other G’Sten while fire from Flotilla Primus Gladius crippled and reduced the crew of 1 G’Quonth to a mere skeleton of what this proud ship once held.  Minor damage is dealt out in-turn by the Narn.  In a series of quick yet deadly dogfights the last of the Centauri fighters were destroyed leaving the 2 remaining Frazi flights to spring on the Centauri.

Fager Turn 3

Turn 3:  The Narn admiral, in an attempt to keep some of his command alive, orders his fleet to scatter.  The DarkHawk and surviving Sho’Kar head for deep space while to 2 G’Quonths continue to limp ahead.  So far all repair attempts to get their engines working back at full strength have failed.  Fire from both flotillas destroyed the remaining Sho’Kar and also the cripple G’Quonth.

Fager Turn 3

Turn 4: The Centauri gain the up hand and begin driving the remaining G’Quonth into the false safety of the asteroid field where it again attempts and fails to repair its’ engines.  The remaining Frazi flight in a display of unparalleled flying manages to score a critical hit on the Corvan forcing it to begin retreating from the battle.

Fager Turn 4

Turn 5:  The remaining G’Quonth decides to leave the asteroid field with a debris field in its wake.  The combined firepower of both flotillas was needed to lay waste to this ship.  Later examinations of the field and the hulk reveal that the Narn Admiral, in a fit of rage, ejected his entire engineering staff into space due to their failure to effect the simplest of repairs.

Fager Turn 5

Aftermath:  It was a sad state when the Narn flagship was unable to roll higher then a 1 on a repair roll 4 turns in a row.  Even with Narn winning all but 1 initiative roll their fleet was not able to get out from under the Centauri guns. A rare find did occur after the battle though.  A section of space within the electromagnetic distortion revealed a gas giant rich in raw materials.  This was immediately claimed by the Centauri.

Thanks to Rich for the pics and battle report!


One Response to “The Battle for Fager: Centauri vs Narn”

  1. I think I can say with confidence that its no fun to be on the recieving end of Centari Battle Lazers.

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