Turn 4 EA Retrospective

The hammer has officially fallen just as I’m starting to get my economy up to speed. The League approaches an economic victory, while the Centauri are now trapped in a three-front war. The Earth Alliance clearly lives up to both of the classic Chinese curses: “May you live in interesting times,” and “May you attract the notice of the powerful.”

After the end of the Turn 4 moves, the strategic situation for the EA now looks something like this:

The EA on Turn 4

Having picked up several new systems this turn, I now have to fend off the advancing Centauri juggernaut long enough to begin reaping the benefits. In particular, the strike at the Raider base in Moshelle is a win-or-die situation. I have to punch through this turn or watch the area get carved up between the League and Minbari.


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