The Battle For Pyra: League vs Minbari

Turn/Time: Turn 4/February, 2261

Scenario: A Call to Arms

Terrain: One minor planet (Ice World) on the left table side.

Situation: As the League of Non-Aligned Worlds begins its push into Minbari space, a small League squadron arrives to claim the mining system of Pyra, and is opposed by local system defences.

League of Non-Aligned Worlds:

  • 1x Takata (BSS Takata)
  • 1x Varl (VCS Valiant)
  • 1x Ikorta (BSS Seer)

Minbari Federation:

  • 1x Tinashi
  • 1x Leshath

Setup: The fleets faced off down the middle of the board in the killing field between setup edges.

Volk's Star setup

Turn 1:  The fleets close range slowly. Fire is exchanged with the result being the loss of a flyer squadron, and the Takata losing 25% of its hull and crew to Minbari beam weapons! The only solace for the LoNAW at this point was a weapons critical on the Tinashi, which reduced some of its formidable firepower.

Volk's Star Turn 2

Turn 2: The fleets continue closing slowly, because the League used “All Stop” fleet wide. The new mines have some effect, which have been bracketing both ships each round, and nearly bring the Leshath to its threshold levels. Then the Ikorta, finally breaking the Leshath’s stealth with the assistance of the Valiant’s (Varl) sensors, got in a decent hit and sent it over the edge, leaving it adrift in the void. Cheers rang out among the LoNAW crews, but this battle was far from over. “Concentrate all fire” staggered the Takata, costing her another 50% of her starting crew and hull.

Volk's Star Turn 2

Turn 3: The Tinashi, having lost its consort, poured on the thrusters and got behind the League ships. The entire League fleet tried to compensate for this, and failed to come about. The battle became a knife fight. Who would get the best shot out of their side arc weapons? At the end of the turn The Tinashi repaired its critical weapon hit, bringing her guns back to full strength.

Turn 4: The little Valiant turned around to face the Tinashi, in an attempt to distract some of its considerable fire from the Takata, and paid the ultimate price, and was left adrift on the board, another burned out hulk committed to the void.

Volk's Star Turn 4

Turn 5: Finally, the LoNAW won the initiative, but to no avail. The Tinashi finally skeleton crewed Takata. This was too little too late, as the Ikorta broke through the jamming and skeleton crewed the Tinashi.

Turn 6: The Minbari again seized the initiative. Of course, the Ikorta failed to come about again. The Tinashi crippled Takata this round, adding insult to her already injured state. The Ikorta again broke the jamming and destroyed the Tinashi before she managed to escape

Analysis: The best defense is to stay out of an enemy’s arc, i.e. bring fire w/o getting hit. With ship choices, where possible, keep the hull values high. Mines when used in numbers can be devastating. They work well enough to use as a support weapon too. Against the Minbari, bring a scout or two.

Thanks to Marc for the pictures and battle report!


2 Responses to “The Battle For Pyra: League vs Minbari”

  1. Figures are looking great for both Marc and Gary. Nice battle report.

  2. The battle here (for Pyra) was closer than the one for Volk’s Star. I had an advantage in numbers and the Critical hit demon was quiet for me. Gary didn’t fare as well with the demon. It cut his firepower long enough for me to wear him out.

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