Turn 4: The Great League Offensive

The days of border skirmishing came to an abrupt end this turn as the League of Nonaligned Worlds launched a major offensive against the Minbari and Narn. Simultaneously, the Tza’sol Narn moved a massive fleet of Bin’taks and Ka’bin’taks through the Centauri Jumpgate at Sparta Hill in an attempt to sieze a foothold for a full invasion. 

The situation on Turn 4

The League offensive crashed into the Minbari from their staging system of Ope’diar and rolled across their border in a continuous wave aimed at causing as much economic damage as possible. League fleets jumped into Volk’s Star, Pyra, and Rylus 5, and to cap it off a massive War/10 force drove directly into the Minbari capital world of Henders. In addition, League forces hit the Narn border worlds of Casino and Kellog. In unleashing this massive assault, the League of Non-Aligned Worlds is grasping at the sceptre…victory in all these targets will put the League within a very few systems of control of half the map and victory.

The forces of the Centauri Republic, the campaign’s other Great Power, remained largely quiescent this turn by contrast, though one battlegroup did jump into Saguntum III to contest once again with the Earth Alliance for control of the system. Indeed, the considerable effort the Centauri had expended on Turn 3 virtually required some downtime to retrench and rearm.

It remains to be seen, however, if the effort will pay off as both Narn factions have obeyed the blood imperative that binds them in hate with the Centauri and launched simultaneous attacks. The Regime forces have been content with merely nibbling at border worlds like Yois and Fager, but the Tza’sol Narn have launched a full-on offensive through the Centauri jumpgate at Sparta Hill with a massive fleet of dreadnaughts. Should the Tza’sol manage to secure this beachhead, the Centauri may face the same kind of economic disruption on Turn 5 that the Minbari are facing currently if the League offensive is successful.

Battles will be fought in the following systems:

  • Volk’s Star(D-6): Minbari/League
  • Pyra (D-7): (Minbari/League)
  • Rylus 5 (A-6): (Minbari/League)
  • Henders (E-7): (Minbari/League)
  • Casino (E-8): (Narn/League)
  • Kellog (E-8): (Narn/League)
  • Saguntum III (G-2): (Centauri/Earth)
  • Moshelle (C-4): (Earth/Raiders)
  • Sparta Hill (I-4): (Tza’sol/Centauri)  

3 Responses to “Turn 4: The Great League Offensive”

  1. Looks like a real war is brewing.

  2. The Minbari and LoNAW split their first 2 battles down the middle.

  3. “The offensive against the Minbari threat goes well. We have won our first victory in battle, at a great cost in the blood of our space forces. We have made progress towards the destruction of their economy with the capture of the undefended system of Tiven. We have discovered that Minbari weapons are as dangerous as thought, without exaggeration. We needed to do this while we still outnumber them.” Minister of Defense, LoNAW.

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