The Battle for Caesar’s Folly: Centauri vs Earth Alliance

Turn/Time: Turn 3/January, 2261

Scenario: Supply Ships

Terrain: One minor planet in the middle of the table.

Situation: A combined Earth Alliance fleet has caught a Centauri Battleship squadron overseeing the transfer of vital supplies to their new base in the Caesar’s Folly system. The EA must destroy as many ships as possible before the operational window closes (4 hours real time).


The Earth Alliance:

TG Leonidas, consisting of:

  • 1x Omega (EAS Leonidas)
  • 1x Nova (EAS Xenophon)
  • 3x Hyperion (EAS Monmouth, Chapultepec, and Antaeus)
  • 2x Oracle (EAS Cayce and Memnon)
  • 4x Artemis (EAS Harpy, Phaeton, Juno, and Ares)
  • 2x Olympus (EAS Terpsichore and Beaujeu)
  • 2x Starfury Wing (320th and 1809th Combat Wings)
  • 2x Thunderbolt Wing (44th and 677th Assault Wings)

And TG Pegasus, consisting of:

  • 1x Command Omega (EAS Pegasus)
  • 2x Nova (EAS Nobunaga and Marlborough)
  • 3x Hyperion (EAS Carceron, Jason, and Hydra)
  • 3x Starfury Wing (1859th, 1755th, and 1857th Combat Wings)
  • 3x Thunderbolt Wing (82nd, 1746th, and 1757th Assault Wings)

The Centauri Republic:

TF Dominus, consisting of:

  • 1x Octurion (HMS Venatrix)
  • 1x Tertius (HMS Imperium Rex)
  • 2x Sullust (HMS Apollonius and Inferna)
  • 4x Elutarian (HMS Impera, Carrhae, Zoninus, and Octavius)
  • 2x Prefect (HMS Octavian and Vorenus)
  • 1x Maximus (HMS Gaius)
  • 2x Corvan (HMS Molon and Canis)
  • 8x Corporate Freighter
  • 2x Space Liner

Centauri setup

Setup: The Centauri deployed in a 1′ square around the planet. I deployed in a rough V formation on the upper left corner of the table.


The Battle:

Turn 1: The Centauri admiral reacted with lightning quickness the moment his sensor techs detected the forming jump points at the edge of the system. He powered up his ships and desperately brought them around to meet the attack, aided by the effects of the planet’s gravity well. Simultaneously he ordered his transports to get as far away from the planet as possible, rightly realizing that the Earth Alliance’s primary focus would be on his fleet. Only moments later, the EA combined task force presented a breathtaking sight as they advanced in an extended vee formation on the Centauri battlegroup. The defenders met them with a hail of accurate battle laser fire, and EAS Terpsichore and Monmouth died within the first minutes of the attack. Earth Alliance counterfire was desultory due to the extreme range, though EAS Marlborough scored a lucky engine critical on a Prefect. Both Pegasus and Leonidas concentrated their heavy lasers on HMS Venatrix but failed to score even a single critical on the Octurion, which was unable to fire back having used the All Stop Special Order that turn. Meanwhile, EAS Memnon led four Thunderbolt Assault Wings in pursuit of the fleeing supply ships.

The EA closes in

Turn 2: The Earth Alliance closed to effective range and the killing began in earnest. Battle laser, heavy laser, and pulse cannon fire stabbed through the darkness between the ships and Centauri and Humans fought and died. Venatrix’s main batteries finally spoke, and their power ripped EAS Beaujeu in half. EAS Xenophon scored several telling hits on the Imperium Rex and her escorts before succumbing to concentrated battle laser fire. The Centauri then turned their attention to Leonidas as Vice-Admiral Kaer frantically directed his Task Group’s fire. The ship buckled and twisted as the Elutarians, Sullusts, and Prefects poured kilojoule after kilojoule of energy into her. At last, a final blow from HMS Octavian proved too much for her damaged frame, and Leonidas vanished in a cloud of ever-expanding debris.

The Earth Alliance fought back valiantly. Leonidas’ Artemis escorts proved to be deadly effective with their railguns, with EAS Phaeton delivering the killing blow to the Prefect-class HMS Vorenus. EAS Antaeus lined up her boresight on the already crippled HMS Carrhae and tore her apart with heavy laser and pulse laser fire. And the Earth Alliance flagship Pegasus finally scored a telling hit on Imperium Rex, crippling her. Meanwhile, EAS Memnon and the Thunderbolts pursued the fleeing transports, downing two.

...and is met with a hail of fire.

Turn 3: With time running out, both admirals strove to cause maximum damage. The Earth Alliance had swept the skies clear of Centauri fighters and those Thunderbolts not hunting freighters were able to fire on capital ships, though with minimal effect. By this time, the fleets were locked firmly together in combat, trading both broadsides and front arc barrages. An Elutarian’s ballistic torpedoes punched a gaping hole into EAS Hydra. Marlborough fired her broadsides at several ships before being crippled. HMS Imperium Rex blew EAS Chapultepec apart, but her triumph was brief as Pegasus‘ boresight heavy laser ended her career. With Imperium Rex a glowing fireball, Pegasus turned her secondary armament on the hapless HMS Gaius, which had been rushing to join the battle and was damaged by the Octurion’s explosion. The hail of fire shredded Gaius and gave the EA flagship her second kill. As she hurtled through the debris, Pegasus flashed into HMS Venatrix’s front arc, and the Octurion let loose with a deadly accurate salvo. The Omega’s hull buckled under the onslaught and her reactor flared and died, but the ship held together. Memnon and her accompanying fighters managed to destroy a third freighter, but a lucky shot from a Space Liner’s pitiful armament blew her reactor.

The final brawl

At this point, both admirals recieved direct orders from their governments to terminate hostilities. The Centauri admiral graciously ordered his ships to stand down while Pegasus repaired her damaged reactor and retreated with the remains of her fleet.

Analysis: With 49 Victory Points to 19, this was a crushing defeat for the Earth Alliance. TG Leonidas was virtually wiped out except for the scouts, Monmouth was crippled, and Pegasus took heavy, though not crippling damage. Some of this was just karma: when your opponent consistently rolls 6-8 hits with 2 crits and you roll 3-4 hits with 1 or no crits, the Dice Gods are telling you it is not your day. The lucky transport shot that blew Memnon’s reactor was just insult to injury.

That said, there were two main problems with the EA’s strategy:

  1. At least one Hyperion should have been dispatched to hunt freighters. While the additional freighter kills would probably not have turned the tide, they would have kept the defeat from being quite so overwhelming.
  2. EA tactical doctrine has been to allow ships not part of an escort group individual initiative, in order to increase the likelihood of boresight shots. The Centauri, conversely, group most of their ships into squadrons, allowing them concentrated firepower. In practice, superior Centauri initiative has rendered the boresight advantage negligible, while allowing individual ships to be picked off by concentrated battle laser salvos before they can return fire. In the future, the EA should adopt Centauri-style doctrine in conducting fleet operations.

Had the battle gone on another turn or so, I probably would have crippled Venatrix and killed a few more freighters, but lost Pegasus in the process. All in all, three turns were more than enough.


3 Responses to “The Battle for Caesar’s Folly: Centauri vs Earth Alliance”

  1. Again another well written battle report. Ours was a well fought battle. Going into it I was not sure that I would becoming out of it with much of a fleet.

    One minor change the Elutarians are armed with Ballistic Torpedoes not Battle Lasers.

  2. That was an exciting read. Better luck next time.

  3. redcoat668 Says:


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