The Battle for Flux: Centauri vs Raiders

Turn/Time: Turn 3/January, 2261

Scenario: Annihilate!

Terrain: None

Situation: Having discovered a nest of Raiders in the Flux system, the Centauri fleet moves in to destroy them and secure the area in its first campaign engagement.


The Centauri Republic:

  • 1x Primus
  • 2x Sulust
  • 1x Corvan
  • 1x Altarian

The Raiders:

  • 2x Battlewagon
  • 1x Strike Carrier
  • 1x Modified Freighter
  • 2x Bellerophon Battle Sattelite

Setup: The Centauri deployed their ships in a tight pack on their table edge. The raiders deployed one sattelite at each end of their table edge and their ships in a line strung out along it, one Battlewagon anchoring each flank:

The opponents face off

The Battle:

Note: Turn headings are color-coded according to which side won the initiative.

Turn 1: The Centauri rolled poorly and the Raiders won the initiative, forcing the Fanheads to set up and move first. Both fleets closed, but did not end the turn in firing range, and the Battlewagons and Strike Carrier used the time to get their Delta-V2s into space.

They close...

Turn 2: Both sides maintained their formations, and began to exchange fire. The Centauri concentrated their battle lasers (using Concentrate All Firepower) on the Battlewagon on the left flank with their Corvan scout directing, and the weight of their firepower wreaked tremendous carnage. The combined battle laser damage crippled the hapless Battlewagon, with the Primus causing an additional�Weapons critical which reduced her enemy’s firepower. The Raiders returned fire with their own beam weapons, but their ships were so dispersed that they could not concentrate for effect. The Primus also managed to clear one of her Sentri flights for space…just in time to face the oncoming horde of Raider fighters.

They close...

Turn 3: The tilting point of the battle had now been reached as the fleets closed to knife-fighting range. The V2s swarmed over the larger Centauri capital ships, but their tiny guns were completely ineffective. The right flank Battlewagon tore into the Primus with her boresight laser, causing thruster damage and slowing, but not stopping, the Centauri flagship. Her escorts returned fire with more effect, one Sulust finishing off the crippled Battlewagon while the other pumped all the firepower of its front arc weapons into the Modified Freighter, blasting it into a glowing fireball. The Raiders’ Strike Carrier managed to get a lock on the stealthed Corvan and destroyed its engines with a single lucky shot, rendering the scout dead in space.

Turn 4: Centauri fleet handling and concentrated firepower had wreaked a dreadful toll on the Raiders. Now the remaining pirates could only sell their lives as dearly as possible. Fighters continued to swirl around the Centauri capital ships, but with little effect as the Lion of the Galaxy stalked his prey. One Sulust damaged the lone Strike Carrier while the rest of the fleet concentrated on the remaining Battlewagon. A final front arc volley from the Primus tore into her hull and left her a dead hulk running endlessly into the void on her own inertia.

The Centauri mop up

Turn 5: With the Raiders reduced to one capital ship, the Centauri began to methodically clear fighters from the area. Both lucky shots from their shipboard weapons and the work of their outnumbered Sentri squadrons destroyed several Delta-V2 flights. The carrier was not neglected, however, and fire from the Sulusts crippled the delicate ship.

The battle winds down...

Turn 6: Crippled and with no chance to escape, the last pirate ship on the map struck her colors when so ordered by the enterprising Captain of one of the Sulusts.

Turn 6 Small

Turns 7-8: With the Raider fleet destroyed or captured, the Centauri destroyed the defense sattelites at range without taking any return fire.

Analysis: A resounding Centauri victory, due primarily to poor initial placement by the Raiders. The pirates were too far away from each other to provide supporting fire, and their defense sattelites didn’t even�factor into the battle. While the Raiders were able to maintain fighter superiority (largely due to numbers), their absolutely abysmal dice rolls unfortunately removed any advantage this might have given them. The Centauri were simply able to do what they do best – kill things with massed battle laser fire.


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  1. Nice,

    Seems to be a problemt with one of your pictures but other than that great. Hope TG Aecheron faired better than the raiders


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