Turn 3: Cold War turns Hot

Turn 3 considerably ramped up the pace of the campaign and conflict has broken out across the map. This was, in general, only to be expected as most of the various factions had either run out of neutral planets to expand to or were up against powerful and aggressive neighbors.

Here’s the current situation (click for larger image):

The situation on Turn 3

There are two major additions to the map:

Hyperspace Routes: these are indicated by the lengths of string. Once a system has been explored, those are the only ways in or out.

Jumpgates: These are the brass tacks. As per the show, onecan travel to any jumpgate from any other jumpgate.

Strategically, you can see that the fronts have solidified. The major upset was the acquisition of Rilus V (A6 on the map) by the Minbari, cutting the League of Non-Aligned Worlds off from the still-neutral planets beyond. Now the League needs to punch through to expand…always a rough deal against Minbari stealth and beam weapons.

Several battles are in the works:

Ve’fros (K9 on the map…hello Google users!): Bob’s Narn and the Drazi are fighting over a crashed ship on the Barren world of Soldan.

Carthage (G12): Scott’s Narn (henceforward the Tza’sol “Eyes of Blood” Narn…I know it’s Klingon. He picked it, not me) and the Drazi go head to head over a mining outpost.

Saguntum 3 (G2): The EA and Centauri draw first blood.

Caesar’s Folly(F5): The EA attempts to trap and destroy a sizable Centauri fleet.

Flux(F3): The Centauri deal with a raider base.

In addition, the Defiance system (F8) remains divided between Minbari, Tza’sol, and Narn (vanilla variety) claimants, though no side risked battle this turn. 

With five battles to be resolved, Turn 3 officially marks the end of the campaign’s “expansion” stage and the beginning of the “conflict” stage. The Centauri fight the Raiders on Friday…and an Earth Alliance “observer” will be there to record the action!

Once again, original Shannedam County map copyright FASA. No challenge is intended. Librarians are poor and not worth suing.


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