The League Runs Screaming

Last Friday we gathered to digest the reply from Mongoose, and to have our first battle of the campaign. The rules discussion was productive, the battle anticlimactic.

Basically, we decided that doing things Mongoose’s way was too much trouble at this point, and to go with Twilight Imperium-style “Bring the House” battles. We’re still rolling scenarios randomly, so hopefully we’ll see some convoy battles as well, but for the most part we’re looking at straight-up slugfests for control of our strategic targets. Less flavor? Yes, sadly, on the combat side. But we still get to preserve the experience system which mitigates things a little bit.

All the rules discussion we’ve been having set my mind working on coming up with a different campaign system, using the Babylon 5 Universe map and working from the viewpoint of one large fleet rather than individual fleet movement. I suspect that by the time this campaign is over everybody else will not exactly be raring for another one, but it’s still an interesting design exercise. 

But anyway…battle and stuff! As I warned, the battle itself was not exactly epic, as the League’s tiny scouting force ran up against vastly superior Narn fleet elements:

Narn scouting force.

  Only the Narn would use a Bin’Tak as a scout…

The League’s tiny scout element did the only sensible thing…deployed facing the edge of the board and ran like frightened schoolchildren.

Run away!

And that was it…over on turn one. Not even a single explosion.

I suspect Turn 3 will be a little more action packed…there’s really nowhere for anyone to go except systems controlled by other players. At the very least there should be some serious EA/Centauri combat in the weeks to come.

EAS basic black.

EAS Xenophon…just out of the Proxima shipyards, primed, and ready for her first coat of paint…  


4 Responses to “The League Runs Screaming”

  1. Xenophon… not one of the names we discussed but a good one.

  2. redcoat668 Says:

    I’m reserving all those names for Shadow Omegas…once I stick on all the little spines.

  3. Oh I see.

  4. so why didn’t anyone let me play the Shadows again?

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