Turn 2: Earth Alliance Retrospective

We’ve already looked at the results of the Turn 2 orders in general. Now that that’s safely out of the way, we can more closely examine the REAL question all my fans (I know there are at least 20 of you. I can see the blog stats) want to know: how did what went down affect me and the Earth Alliance?

First some fluff. The year (according to my interpretation of the campaign background) is 2261 and Babylon 5’s fourth season is well underway. As the Shadow War enters its final phase and President Clark tightens his grip on Earth I, an ambitious and well-connected Earthforce General (the fluff says “Admiral” is an affected title in Earthforce…I’m not sure yet wether my character is enough of a prick to insist on it or not) have been sent to a remote sector on an antipiracy cruise. Upon realizing that this sector is essentially “up for grabs” and that the problems at home with the Marsies and Proxies have essentially given me local autonomy, I begin to build up my own personal empire under the guise of safeguarding the EA’s interests…with the ultimate ambition of leading a fleet home and ousting that no-talent xenophobe Clark. I think “First Consul” or “Protector” sounds like an excellent title… 

As you may recall, my Raider-hunting mission led to my being stuck in Gustaviv’s Regret for the entire first turn of the campaign. As a result, Earth’s sphere of influence looked like this:

The situation on Turn 1

Not an impressive start for the future First Consul of the Earth Alliance! But that’s what you get for having to follow someone else’s orders.

On Turn 2, however, my raider problem was dealt with and I could expand wherever I felt the need. As I mentioned before, I formed “heavy” CV and scout groups. I did this for two reasons. Firstly, being in the corner means there are several worlds I don’t have to worry about competing for for a while, and secondly because being a turn behind I expected to run into opposition.

I therefore pushed south and east, ignoring the equally economically impoverished Minbari in favor of creating a strong front with the Centauri. My primary objectives were the Major Systems of Trader’s Paradise and Caesar’s Folly, with Moshelle and several of the minor systems being secondary objectives.

Results: mixed success. The EA “liberated” Trader’s Paradise without a hitch, and my minor world scouting missions were, as I expected they would be, unopposed. Unfortunately another of my suspicions was proved absolutely correct when Task Group Leonidas showed up in Caesar’s Folly to find the Centauri and Minbari already there. Battle was avoided this turn as the Centauri declined a confrontation over Caesar’s Folly’s only settled world, despite being present in equal numbers.

The really nasty surprise was waiting at Moshelle, where my re-enforced scout group TF 1.1 discovered a huge Raider infestation. They were present in such superior numbers that TF 1.1 had to hide in a providential ship graveyard and call for re-enforcements.

So when all was said and done, the new situation looked like this:

Turn 2...better but still not great.

That lonely pin at the top is TF 1.1 hiding in Moshelle, and the multicolored array at the bottom right is Caesar’s Folly. Three new additions to the EA’s economy and two contested systems. Not bad, but nothing compared to the Centauri and League.

Counterbalancing this, on the theory that tiny powers should help each other out, I formed an alliance with the Minbari. This keeps my eastern flank quiet while I deal with the fanheads, and makes the battle for Caesar’s Folly a two-way instead of three-way issue. Yes, my EA political officer reminds me that official policy frowns on fraternization with the boneheads, but as that great sage Edmund Blackadder once said: “Needs must, when the devil vomits on your eiderdown.”

So…what next? Do I move in my reserves to Caesar’s Folly or exterminate the Raiders before they can drain off too many resources (d6 RR a turn for each player, in fact)? All shall be answered when Turn 3 rolls around. 


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