Turn 2: Fanheads and Snakeheads Ahead

Turn 2 saw things heat up as the Earth Alliance and the Minbari entered the rush for colonies, the League of Non-Aligned Worlds grew to frightening proportions, and six worlds became flashpoints.

Here’s the situation as of Turn 1. The picture is, sadly, pretty blurry but as you will see, I got better:

Turn 1-The whole map

You’ll note that everybody except the Earth Alliance and Minbari (the Yellow and Blue pins respectively) has a nice, relatively compact little sphere of influence although the Centauri and League (Orange and Green in this picture) have a little more territory. Now, here’s the situation on Turn 2. Watch the League of Non-Aligned Worlds, which will have metamorphosed to clear pins:

   Turn 2

Now we’re seeing some serious empire building! The strategy of splitting their fleets into small scout detachments has clearly paid of for the Centauri and League, as both have been able to lay claim to a larger number of neutral systems than the other players with more concentrated fleets. The League in particular is a bloated economic monster with over ten systems as Turn 2 ends, all of which have the potential to provide 20 RR EACH for their controlled system bonus. With homeworld income factored in that’s FOUR Armageddon-class ships (a Brivoki, Fireraptor, or Z’takk) every turn…and that’s even before system bonuses! Is that going to be enough to protect all that territory? We’ll have to see.

Six systems are currently contested:

  • Caesar’s Folly: Minbari, Earth Alliance, and Centauri
  • Defiance: Narn (Bob faction), Narn (Scott faction),l Minbari
  • Fager: Narn (Bob faction), Centauri
  • Ve’Fros: Drazi, Narn (Bob faction)
  • Carthage: Narn (Scott faction), Drazi
  • Sutherland: League, Narn (Scott faction)

So far, the various factions are warily eyeing each other in the contested systems, though a battle may be in the offing between Scott’s Narn and the League of Non-Aligned Worlds. More on this (and why I can’t say for sure yet) in a future post.

Original Shannedam County map copyright FASA. No challenge is intended. We beg you, do not sue.


2 Responses to “Turn 2: Fanheads and Snakeheads Ahead”

  1. Blog looks like it is working out. Nice write ups so far. One thing to clarify though. The League are the clear pins for Bob Faction are the Green Pins.

  2. redcoat668 Says:

    I’m actually working up a photoshopped picture of the spare pins with readable labels for a future post, which should give everybody a nice reference. I’m just waiting for the Narn to give their factions some distinct names.

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