Thoughts on Fleets

With the premiere of Spider-Man 3 pre-empting this week’s movement, I have some extra time to consider fleet organization. While there will be some tweaking when I recieve my resource points for this turn, I think my basic concepts are sound.

I’ve chosen in general to follow a “carrier group” strategy rather than trying to fit in as many beams as possible. In this approach, you pick a capital or special-role ship as the flag of your task force and then design the rest of the fleet around it as escorts and support elements. This has the advantage of producing an integrated and fairly versatile fleet, which is important when you don’t know exactly what you’ll be facing. It also has the bonus of being more “fluff” appropriate, at least for the Earth Alliance. This model has served me pretty well in past games, and many posters on Mongoose’s ACTA forum recommend it.

With that in mind, I constructed both “carrier” groups and “scout” groups, the one for potentially contested targets and the other to explore the backwater Minor Systems near my homeworld. How well this works in practice, I won’t know till Turn 2. In particular the scarcity of ships with the Jump Point trait amongst my scout groups concerns me. Hopefully the influx of cash will allow me to bring in a few more Hyperions to bulk things out.


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  1. No wall of Battle… oh darn!

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