The First Turn: Scramble For Resources

The first turn movement has been submitted, and the campaign is officially underway!

As might be expected it was a race on all sides to claim as many neutral systems as possible for that inital resource boost. Both the Minbari and the Earth Alliance had the bad fortune to roll Raiders in their starting systems, and were stuck there dealing with them (me by just staying in place, Gary by fighting a crazy skirmish in which three Battlewagons managed to take out one of his Sharlins). Thus we were left out of the intial rush. In a way I appreciated this, because I got to see what everyone else was doing before I implement my own expansion plans next turn.

In general, everyone seemed to follow the same MO: break up your initial 10 points at War Priority into as many scouting elements as possible, while leaving a strong core at your home system. As a result, the pattern of expansion was roughly spherical (or circular, I suppose, on a 2d map) with new acquisitions radiating out from the home systems.

There being a lot of empty space, this initial push was without battles but two systems are now contested: the resource-rich Carthage system where Non-Aligned and Narn scouts are cautiously stalking each other as they survey their prizes, and the absolutely worthless Fager system where Narn and Centauri task forces are facing off. Will the historical hatreds bring them to blows? Or will realpolitik prevail?

Mechanically, the turn system seemed to go pretty well. Once we got down to work (damn you, Chicken Time!) the movements got registered quickly and there were no disagreements about how things worked. It did, however, take a super-long time to roll up all the various “special” things (dead world types, “special” features, and soforth) All in all it took us about two hours to get everything done. Not bad, but when you’re running Iron Kingdoms right afterwards it does cut into your roleplaying time.

One idea might be to roll the features ahead of time for all the remaining systems. It would also be nice if we could reduce the movement submitting process to an email…then we wouldn’t even have to congregate except for battles.    


3 Responses to “The First Turn: Scramble For Resources”

  1. I’ve gotten a good size piece of corkboard and am working on making our map a bit easier to deal with. If anyone in the group feels like getting a couple of their small fighter miniatures glued onto some tacks to show fleet movement, let me know. Otherwise I guess I can glue some cardboard counters down on a few for everyone to use.

  2. Good morning everyone. I think that turn 1 went rather well this past Friday. Thanks again to Rob B. and the IK crew for letting me interrupt the game that night. I am sorry that it took so long. I know we talked about getting together again this Friday to do turn 2 but I apologize I will not be there. Spiderman 3 opens on Friday and I will be off seeing that. So is Friday, May 11th good with everyone else?

    I will be getting your individual system sheets out before end of week. It is going to be pretty busy at work over the next couple months so please bear with me. Once you decide how many points your have spent email me back that number along with any one time bonus RR points you used so I can calculate your stockpile. I will continue to tweak the formulas to keep everything as accurate as possible.

    I got some feedback from Rob B. and Rob F. regarding the game and turn length. Rob B. had suggested either having me determine everything in the systems or moving the turn night to another night. I am sorry but I do not have the time to determine all the remaining systems. I can move it to another night. However what would be good for everyone to get together and do this? I am open to suggestions.

    Rob F. suggested that we establish a strict time frame of 2 hours. He recommended 6 to 8. I can do this also. I would also determine Gary’s and my own worlds last. Obviously contested systems would be the exception. They would be done on the other player’s turn. This way neither of us would interfere with the IK game (if done on Friday). Would this work out better for everyone? Would everyone be willing to be at the store by 6 or so? We could also do this if the decision was made to move to another night.

    I am looking for suggestions and feedback from the players regarding this or anything else they would like to see done differently. Please let me know.

  3. Good morning. I have heard back from Marc and Gary. Gary is still in favor of Friday nights. Marc and I spoke for a little last night and he is going to give me a hand fleshing out the dead worlds in the established systems and determine the Minor Star Systems in the quadrants that players can reach on Turn 2. This will greatly speed up the turn as no worlds will need to be generated. I have also included the Jump Gate Systems and their owners. Currently Scott can use the ones that Rob F. has and vice versa. The same can be said for Bob and myself.

    Jump Gate Owner
    Thapsus Rob F.
    Tarraco Rob F.
    Sparta Hill Rich
    Ancona Bob
    Iol Bob
    Muthra Bob
    Henders Gary
    Deiop Marc
    Manvinav Scott
    Business Mission Scott

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