Thrilling Backstory

*tap tap* Wow…is this thing on?

I guess the best place to start is with the backstory. It worked well enough for Lord of the Rings. And Conan. And Krull, although much of the rest of that movie did not quite work so well.

 I’m one of a group of six friends who live in and around the Philadelphia area and who regularly play games together at our local game shop. We’ve been kicking around with Mongoose’s Babylon 5: A Call to Arms rules, and have at last decided to break down and run a campaign. But not any campaign, mark you…a MEGA campaign. A campaign with multiple star systems and fleets the size of which would beggar both the imagination and our bank accounts.

Naturally, I felt that such an undertaking needed to be brought to the eyes of a public already starved for accounts of geeks playing with spaceships. Hence – this blog. Thrill to our exploits! Marvel at our miniatures! And most importantly, for those of you who are considering starting up your own wargaming campaigns…learn from our mistakes.

This blog is intended to chronicle the progress of our campaign, be it long or short. It is also here to provide an opportunity for me to spout off about topics I find interesting. Most of these have to do with geekery and library work, so if those things don’t rub you in feel-good kinds of places then you probably won’t find much of interest here.

If they do…welcome! And…uh…try not to make a mess.


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